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Maria Sharapova in action at the Australian Open in January 2016 "She has gone out of her way to recognise what she has done and has handled that situation in a credible way. She has been contrite and said it will not happen again," says Mrs Earl. "The fact there hasn't been a public outcry against her return will have reassured brands to stick with her. "If there had been protests from tennis fans, then that might have influenced her sponsors' decisions." 'Heroes needed' Prof Chadwick says Sharapova's management and advisers, those who look after her profile, grabbed hold of a difficult situation very quickly. He believes the Russian is now pushing at an open door with regards to her return to the sport, with WTA boss Steve Simon quoted as saying: "I believe that the game, the fans, the tour... everybody is going to welcome Maria back." Even before Serena Williams' pregnancy announcement, Prof Chadwick says that the sport was struggling to find an heir apparent at the top of the women's game. "There is not a great deal of highest-quality talent following on behind," he says. "Nobody seems to be able to string together try these out a consistent run of results. Women's tennis needs all the help it can get in terms of heroes, big names, elite talent to attract fans to the sport.