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We just had to think about it in an entirely fresh way. Doctor: And that resulted in T Brand Studio and new mobile ad formats. Thompson: Yes. With digital subscriptions, it’s an entirely different story. I thought that the direct marketing effort of the New York Times, and Denise Warren [the Times’ head of advertising and digital in the early paywall days] in particular, had done heroic work in launching the pay model. I also felt, though, that we had to move from the classic newspaper circulation department to a state-of-the-art digital marketing operation, and I thought Meredith was the perfect partner to work on that. We threw in the creation of brand marketing efforts and brought David Rubin in from Pinterest. Doctor: The Times seems to be a profoundly different place, by all accounts, than it was two years ago. There’s been a major push to make the Times a subscriber-first company and rebuild both the organization and culture around that, with a faster product development and time to market.

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