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Yes, we have 4m more immigrants since 2001 - but the shops have not run out of food or clothes. The state needs to respond just as well. My take: …

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There seems to be a 'better the devil you know' factor at play when people are asked to say which leader should be in charge. There's been a wealth of polling on Brexit - something which seems certain to continue into the foreseeable future. Professor John Curtice from NatCen Social Research has produced a series online shopping sites list of reports for What UK Thinks on people's attitudes towards Brexit and how they've developed over time. One finding is that people have become more pessimistic over the course of the year about the likely outcome of Brexit negotiations. They've also become more negative in their assessment of how the government is handling the talks. It should be noted, however, that the latest figures are from October - before the December breakthrough in negotiations. It's quite possible that this will lead to an increase in optimism and more positive assessments of the government's performance. Either way, there's not really any clear evidence of any significant shift in voters' basic view either in favour or against Brexit. YouGov have regularly been polling throughout the year on whether Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the EU. As the graph shows, there has been very little movement. It's true that at the start of the year 'Right' was generally a few points ahead whereas at the end of the year it's been 'Wrong' slightly ahead.

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